Phasma Skywalker

I don’t post a lot of Star Wars fan theories because, well, the Internet’s already overflowing with them. But this one doesn’t really seem to be out there, and I think it’s kinda interesting and also maybe kind of obvious. That is unless I’m completely wrong!

Of course, there are Force Awakens spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t seen the movie. I guess go away or, you know, have it spoiled a little.

So one of the big mysteries is “Who are Rey’s parents?” The Kenobi and Skywalker families tend to top the suspect list—rightfully so. Just to keep it quick, we’re gonna side with the Skywalker theory here. Now we’ve got a choice between Luke and Leia. Again, for the sake of brevity, we’re gonna side with Luke.

So mystery solved, right? Well, no. We still don’t know who her mom is! Assuming Mara Jade met the ultimate nullifier of continuity when the books were made non-cannon, she’s off the list. Who does that leave?

Let’s assume that Rey’s mom IS guessable. Meaning it’s not some character we haven’t met yet. That narrows the list a lot. Now let’s review a few givens.

First, Kylo Ren can influence minds


Next we know that modern Storm Troopers receive some sort of brainwashing conditioning therapy at an early age to make them loyal to the First Order.


And we also feel we understand that Kylo attacked Luke and Luke’s student Jedi and slaughtered whatever passed for the New Jedi Order. (I’m not gonna post a picture for that.)

Now’s where I go off into conjecture land. We need a woman old enough to be Rey’s mom, but not too old to be plausible. For instance, you could speculate that Anakin or Obi Wan are her dad, except that the original movies are set 30 years earlier and Rey appears to be in her teens. So that rules out most women from the original trilogy.

Who does that leave us with? (Hint: Look up ↑ ). Why would the makers of the Force Awakens go to all the trouble of hiring a fairly well known star and even include her in a lot of the press tours and promotional events for a Storm Trooper role with just a few lines? Maybe because she’s going to continue to be important. Remember, Han and Finn don’t actually kill her. They just throw her down the garbage shoot.

So here’s the theory. Captain Phasma is a brainwashed version of Rey’s mom. As Kylo attacked the New Jedi temple, Luke sent his lover away with their love child, his daughter. Kylo knew Phasma as one of Luke’s closest students or followers, but didn’t know Luke and Phasma had a child. Maybe Luke feigned chastity for the good of the order. After finishing off with the Jedi temple, Kylo chased Phasma. He finally caught her, but not before she was able to drop her daughter, Rey, off on the remote planet Jakuu where no one would notice her.

Kylo then stripped Phasma’s mind down and handed her over to the First Order who reconditioned her into a trooper. They all kept her around in case Luke ever surfaced again to use as a weapon against him by holding him emotionally hostage and perhaps by reinstating some of her mind to get more information about him.

This then would make Rey’s family tree look something like what’s below. I’ve added Plagueis at the top even though he’s not a Skywalker because he’s the one who kicked the whole story off.

Skywalker Family Tree

Alright, let’s trace that all out again quickly. Darth Plagueis teaches his apprentice, Darth Sidious (the Emperor), how to create life with the Force. See Revenge of the Sith—the opera scene—for reference. Darth Sidious used this power to immaculately conceive a child in the slave Shmi Skywalker. Shmi’s son from that Force event grew up to be Anakin Skywalker who had two children with Padme Amidala—Luke and Leia. Luke then met a strong warrior woman who we would come to know as Captain Phasma. Luke’s nephew Ben Solo attacked Luke’s Jedi Order, slaughtering them and sending Luke’s lover, Phasma, and their daughter on the run. Phasma was captured and brainwashed into joining the First Order while her daughter, Rey, remained hidden on the planet Jakuu until the Force awoke in her and brought her back to the family.