The Toys Unleashed

I’m glad to see this next wave of Star Wars toys will have plenty of Rey. Her exclusion from the original batch was pretty darn inexcusable.

Marketing departments—in my experience—do a LOT less actual market research than people think they do. We all imagine lots of test groups and scientific research go into creating marketing campaigns. But often it’s just a bunch of middle-aged or older white people sitting around guessing at public desire and opinion based on their own views. You can watch Adam Ruins Everything’s great webisode about video games to see exactly how wrong-minded that approach can be and how it can actually have a major effect on our society.

I was never a boy who had a problem with female protagonists. I loved Diane Duane’s Wizarding series when I was a kid, which featured a female protagonist. And many other books with female leads. And in my later teens through twenties, I watched Buffy religiously. Like pretty much literally religiously. I worshiped that show. And never had a problem with the fact that my hero was female.

So this idea that female heroes and protagonists are novelties or not worthy of inclusion in the toy line because boys wouldn’t buy a toy of a girl and only boys buy toys just doesn’t make sense to me on a gut level. I don’t get it. But at least the powers that be have decided they might have fracked up this go round and made some attempt to correct their colossal blunder.

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