Kama’s Height

So here’s a question that I’ve asked a couple readers and thought I’d throw out there. How tall do you imagine Kama to be—especially in comparison to Bodhi and the other characters?

In the books, I give her height as 140 centimeters. For we Americans, that’s about 4’7″. This is an average-ish height for a 12-year-old girl in America. I went this short because Kama’s a pixie and so I imagine like fairytale elves and other proto-typical fey creatures, she’s extra small. But I also describe her as being womanly. Her personality is much more of a woman 22 years old or so. And, I’ll admit, that affected my own imagination at times. When writing the book, though I knew that for world building purposes Kama’s supposed to be 4’7″, I imagined her to be more Kristen Bell’s size (OK, I just straight-up imagined her to be Kristen Bell) who is 5’1″ according to Google. Side-note: Googling a celebrity’s height seems kind of creepy…

Bodhi is meant to be about my own height. So somewhere in the 5’10” range. This would make the height difference between Kama and Bodhi pretty much exactly the same as Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf in Sia’s “Elastic Heart” video.


Is that the size difference you imagined between Kama and Bodhi? Or did you see them more as Veronica and Wallace from Veronica Mars?

Veronica 7632_original.jpg

While my full intent and all my descriptions clearly put her at Maddie Ziegler-size—I honestly found myself imagining her more as Veronica Mars size. So far, the readers I’ve asked have seen Veronica and Wallace sizes, too.

Should I have worked harder to establish how small Kama is in the text? Or did I get it right and my very small survey population is just off in their perception? Any ideas on what might have helped get the idea of Kama’s size across better if you did imagine it a little off?

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