Back To The Future That Never Was

My contribution to BTTF day. So all of you are saying “Where are the flying cars and hoverboards? Why had the World Series already happened? Why can’t dogs walk themselves?” No one on the Internets that I have seen has pointed out that the 2015 in BTTF 2 never happens. That was a Future where Marty had broken his hand in 1985 during a drag race with Needles and been unable to play guitar well since. Because of that event, his life spiraled down the pits. However, when Jennifer and Marty find themselves in the race at the conclusion of the Trilogy, Marty intelligently (though he could have just staid still instead of backing up) ducks out of the race. His hand isn’t broken and the fax from the future erases. While hover conversion still clearly occurs at some point in the future—as evidenced by the train—we don’t know when hover conversion now becomes a reality. The butterfly effect of Marty remaining a musician and never losing his spirit to that crash could certainly spread far enough that most of the technology of the alternate 2015 would never come to be in the 2015 that then played out from that missed crash forward. Just look at how different the alternate 1985 was from the real 1985. Just saying 🙂

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