Who Calls the Tune?

For reasons not worth going into, my mind’s been on Rosicrucian topics lately. That’s not all that important to this post, though!

One of the main Rosicrucian groups in the US today is AMORC. Based out of San Jose, AMORC has been active for about 100 years. They have a beautiful park/temple complex in San Jose with what they advertise as the most well stocked Egyptian museum in the States.

Their theology is—by and large—fairly standard Theosophy-derivative, Western dharma. There is a Cosmic Mind and the goal of the mystic is to realign his/her thoughts with it. Most groups dealing in Western mysticism have some variation of this Brahmanic worldview. AMORC also, like many Western groups, has a system of study on offer that is advertised to guide the uninitiated seeker into the light. AMORC provided and provides their course and initiations somewhat uniquely via mail-order. As I understand, a pamphlet arrives each month/week detailing the next exercise the student is to undertake. These exercises are purported to increase health and open mental abilities.

All well and good. But one thing really fascinates me in thinking about this particular instance of guided enlightenment. Harvey Spencer Lewis, who founded AMORC and wrote these health promoting exercises, died at the age of 56. Even in 1939, 56 is a young age to die at.

Why is Mr. Lewis’ early death interesting? Because his courses that provide students with decades of study are heavily advertised as increasing health. Clearly, Mr. Lewis was not the healthiest person to have walked the earth. Thinking it through, if Spencer Lewis invented and followed this health program and then died young, it seems logical that the health program is not as healthful as advertised. Yet, his early death doesn’t seemed to have slowed the sale of the courses in the least.

Why is that? Why do we follow leaders who clearly don’t know the path they’re leading us on? Is doing so always the wrong choice? When it comes to the spirit, are we all blind? In which case, is any guide better than none though neither you nor they know the way?

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