I’ve mentioned before that I’m a musician as well as author. Well, I consider myself to truly be an author–music I more just dabble in. But I’ve been writing and recording music for pert near 20 years now. Novels are fun for really building a full world and immersing myself in crafting and creating characters and a reality as well as a story. Music is more like a quick crossword puzzle. I like to bash out some parts and pieces on guitar, bass, drums, etc., and then pull them together until I have a sound. You can check out my efforts at ( if you’re curious.

Lately, I’ve been trying a new music tool called LANDR ( Landr allows for “auto-mastering,” which means it takes a mixed down track and applies some polish and pumps up the volume. Mastering has long been a bit of an esoteric art that’s notoriously difficult to (no pun intended) master for home artists who don’t have access to a top studio listening environment and many of the thousand dollar tools needed to get a master just right. Despite the challenges, I’ve done plenty of my own mastering over the years with mixed results. But Landr’s pretty awesome because it gives me consistently well mastered tracks with very little effort on my part at all. Just drag and drop the file on and the tool does the rest.

Yes, this post is a bit of a shameless plug for Landr. But I really do recommend it if you’re an amateur musician and want to get your homemade tracks sounding a little more professional with very little effort!

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