Boys vs. Girls

So, I’ve noticed an odd demographic related stat about Catharsis. Every female I know who has legitimately sat down and tried to read the book has finished it. Some liked it, some didn’t. But none said they were unable to finish it. Of the men I know who sat down to read the book and actually read a few pages, the majority have said they couldn’t continue reading it! One said that the concept of a fantasy series written in first person didn’t work, another cited the mishmash of future world cultures as too confusing, and several just said they found it not engaging.

Fair enough if it sucks and no one wants to read it. I do write to entertain an audience–but I also write very much to entertain myself, which both books in the Trilogy so far have done. But I’m curious why women seem to be very OK with reading Catharsis and men don’t. I can’t for the life of me think of an answer! The protagonist is male. It’s full of action and adventure–which are typically identified (fairly or not) as male interests–and lacking any more romance than an Indiana Jones movie.

So what makes it a girls’ book? Any ideas?

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