Creativity Is Fun :)

Of course, I have to start out by asking if you’ve read Exegesis yet. If not, go do that right now! Leave work and get it done šŸ™‚

Next, I thought I’d brag on myself a little. Not only do I write books and occasionally Photoshop together some concept art, but I also write music. I put out a faux-demo album for my high school band–about 18 years after we’ve broken up! I always lamented that we never did a demo back then and decided that now that I have access to some semi-pro recording gear and the know how that I’d just do it myself. Of course, I’m not going to win any awards for my musical endeavors. But it’s fun! You can check the album out here:

What do you create? Are you a novelist? A musician? A graphic artist? Something else entirely? All of the above? Hope you have something!

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