Calling Adventurous Readers

I’ve finished doing my own read through and mild rewrite of the first draft and I’ve got one critical reader started on going through and finding the plot holes, etc., that I still need to shore up.

I think we can get this book out by the end of the year! But I need some more critical reads. Anyone want to read through the current rough draft of the book and let me know what they think? It’s not been properly copyedited, proofread, etc., as I’m still rewriting pieces, so you’ll have to be ready for typos and what not here and there. But the plot’s there and the book wants some opinions.

Anyone up for it?

1 thought on “Calling Adventurous Readers

  1. Hello,

    I’d be interested in giving your book a critical read.

    I’m actually doing a course in proofreading and copy editing at the moment too, so could maybe practice on a chapter or two and consider it a tryout for future work?

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