The Sequel’s +90k Words Now

The first draft of the Catharsis sequel is essentially done. I’ve got a few transition pieces to write, but the first page, last page, and most everything in between are there on paper. It’s a little longer than the original at the moment with over 320 pages of text and over 90,000 words.

Writing is rewriting, so the book’s not close to ready for even its first readers yet. But I should have it whipped into shape in not that long. At this point, I’m well past the point of no return and have a novel here. That’s the big thing!

This sequel was harder to write than Catharsis. The first book really wanted out of me, and this one was a little more reticent to show itself. But after a good deal of coaxing, it made its way out of my head and onto the page. Hope when I’m fully done with it that those who liked the first book will like this one just as much!

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