The Future of Star Trek?

Got to see Star Trek Into Darkness this week. Enjoyable film. My favorite thing about the Star Trek reboots has been returning the original Trek characters to the forefront. Not to knock The Next Generation, but I’ve always been an Original Trek fan. I like TNG but the Kirk vs. Picard debate isn’t even a debate with me. It’s like pitting Batman against Moon Knight. There’s just no comparison.

I’m a little sad to read that Into Darkness has underwhelmed at the box office. Despite critical acclaim, it hasn’t lived up to Paramount’s expectations. Hopefully that doesn’t mean that a 3rd film in the series is out of the question. I’d like to see Abram’s Enterprise on its 5-year mission. Going off on just a “Wouldn’t it be nice” dream, I’d love to see Abrams Enterprise crew go up against Trelane in a Squire of Gothos remake. Think of what the Original series’ baby Q could do with today’s CGI and effects! Could be a ton of fun.

Of course, that’s unlikely to happen. Equally unlikely, but something I could really see working, is taking this cast and making a TV series. What else does Chris Pines have to do? (Just a thought.)

I know, this post is a bit banal compared to my usual. But I don’t have anyone else to talk Trek with!

2 thoughts on “The Future of Star Trek?

  1. I agree. I hope there are more movies – we got short changed when the original Star Trek was cancelled far too early. I loved TNG and see Captain Kirk and Captain Picard as very different types of captains. I love Kirk for his strength and how he will fight anyone. Picard is more of a diplomat. We saw Into Darkness in 3D and plan on going back to see it again. I do hope that Trekkies go out and support this movie!

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