Darn! Got a bad review on Amazon. The review cites an overabundance of typos in Catharsis.

Getting bad reviews sucks, of course. But it’s not the end of the world. Actually, the feedback can be really helpful. In this case, it’s good to know there are still more typos to find.

Guess it’s back to weeding! I’ve read through the book countless times with professionally trained and private-college-educated eyes and tried to catch as many typos and general grammatical errors as possible. Any author will tell you that finding them in your own work is difficult. It’s not impossible, though, and I’m happy to go back at it.

Any suggestions from other authors out there on self-editing? Obviously, I could hire an editor other than myself to work through the book, but self-publishing doesn’t exactly provide for a budget of any real note.

Any readers of Catharsis who noticed typos want to send me a heads up on what they found? I update the file with typo corrections every so often and am happy to have any help I can get in finding what I’m missing.

Part of me wonders if some of what people spot as “typos” aren’t stylistic “choices” on my part, too. I generally work from the Chicago Manual of Style but, in any book, I like to give the narrative text its own idiosyncratic touches to set it apart and help give the narrator a distinctive voice. Wonder if that causes some of the issues? Like it might in the preceding sentence or this one.

4 thoughts on “Typos

  1. I struggle with finding my own typos as well. I just turned in my thesis and paid a friend to scour through it with a fine tooth comb beforehand. But even then, I’m sure they are more. Also, I write using lots of fragments because I like the sound and rhythm. Typos- to me- signify spelling errors, not stylistic choices. Just a thought.

    Good luck! Hope your book is successful.

    • I do think there’s some issues related to stylistic choice coming into play. There’s also that some readers might be more familiar with AP style versus Chicago Manual or other styles. Also, I created my own conventions specific to the book. For example, there’s no contractions allowed outside of dialogue in the dream sequences.

  2. Convert your book to pdf and have Adobe Reader read it to you. The robotic voice allows you to read along with it and typos will be more obvious. Doesn’t help with your/you’re problems, though.

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