So I’ve started working on the sequel to Catharsis. Hopefully I can find the time and soldier through to get it all on paper. I’m about 120 pages into it now and moving right along, so all looks promising that I’ll have it out in the not all that distant future.

This one’s currently titled Exegesis and follows Bodhi and Kama as they gather one of three wise men needed to witness the birth of Djwhal Khul into the mortal realm.

I’ve already written a few big action sequences and you’re going to see a lot more of Bodhi being a dragon in this one. And this one breaks out of India to travel to Saudi Arabia in our post-apocalyptic 41st century.

I might have some chances for people to “read test” the book once the 2nd or so draft is done. The more advanced reads I get with feedback (even if it’s just minor points about what works in the plot and doesn’t) the better.

It’ll still be a few months before we’re at that stage, but I’m getting there!

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