Who’s the Master?

So I’m a few years behind on this. But I just learned that Julius Carry III died. He was only 56!


“Who’s that?” you might ask. Well, maybe the names Lord Bowler and Sho ’Nuff ring a bell. (If not, I really question whether you’re the target audience for my blog.)


God, Sho ’Nuff was such a hero of mine as a kid. I know. I know. You’re thinking, “Hero?” But let’s face it—just like Darth Vader, Sho was the villain we all wanted to be as much as hate. Luke Skywalker and Leroy Green (aka. Bruce Leroy) were cool in their way. But they tended to whine a lot and we’re kinda..well…losers.


Sho and Darth were in fraking control. “Kiss my Converse.” How many times in life have I needed to turn to my inner Mr. ’Nuff to get me through scary or tough moments and say “Who’s the Master?” to me?


It’s funny how that works sometimes. Some of our favorite villains are really our heroes, we just don’t want to admit it. Darth Vader stalking onto that rebel ship and extracting Princess Leia. Common! Who really wanted to be the farm hand whining to his aunt and uncle in the next scene, right? We all wanted to be that big guy who knew what needed doing and fraking did it. Maybe he wasn’t always right, but he had conviction, courage, and class. Same with Sho ’Nuff. Somebody had to keep control of all the crazy comic book ninjas running around Harlem. Leroy sure wasn’t going to do it. Maybe Sho was a bit harsh, but he did what he had to do to take care of his own and his neighborhood. And he didn’t fear the true master (Leroy), he stepped up to him, called him out, and found a glow all his own.


Such a classic character and played to perfection by a great actor I’ll very much miss.

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