No Thanks

It’s that time of year again. I’m a unique Hoosier in that I was a New Yorker this time 11 years ago. I watched all of it happen right there from south of 14th street in Manhattan. It’s not my favorite memory.


Oddly enough, I completely gave up writing “intellectual” fiction after that. Before today 11 years ago, I wrote some sci-fi but mostly “real-life” drama stuff (a bit Nick Hornsby-esque).


Then I watched that and said, “Fuck fish,” and started writing sci-fi. I’ve cranked out a few sci-fi novels and even a Matrix 4 screenplay since then and never regretted it.


Don’t know what that means or why, but it’s what I’ve got for the blog today. If 9/11 affected you, well, keep it to your self! I know we’ll never forget, but sometimes I sure would like to.

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