Dropping the Ball

Read an article today on IO9 lamenting Warner Bros. very foolish choice to jerk Joss Whedon around for a few years on Wonder Woman and then dump him completely. Which, of course, freed him up to make Avengers, one of the highest grossing films of all time, for a competitor. Whoops.


There have been a few big mistakes like that this summer. Remember when G.I. Joe replaced Channing Tatum (who was a nobody at the time) with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and then released the movie the same summer that Channing Tatum became the hottest thing since the sun? Yeah, somebody had to be kicking his or herself for that one.


Or what about the exec. who decided to not set Total Recal on Mars, and then release the movie almost exactly at the same time that Mars was majorly trending in the media because of the landing of the new probe. I can just hear the d’oh! from here.


The three bone-head examples above really prove one thing that gives me hope as a writer: sometimes people reject ideas and artists they shouldn’t. Obviously, as a writer who has yet to make it, I’ve received many rejections from agents, publishers, even reviewers. Sometimes, like with Joss Whedon, the rejecter just doesn’t see the value in my approach to a subject or genre. Sometimes, like with Channing Tatum, the rejecter doesn’t see me as a major player worthy of their time. Or, like with the new Total Recal, the rejecter doesn’t get why certain essential elements of my stories are there.


There’s always that hope that a few dozen rejecters will one day do what the execs in the examples have to have done—smack their hands to their foreheads and say “Oh, man!” when I’m trending in the list of best sci-fi authors.


Of course, there’s always the even more realistic possibility that I’ll sink quietly into the obscurity I’m already treading on… But let’s not dwell on that.

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