That Special Something

I’m a much better author than I am a musician. In fact, all things considered, I’m a pretty lousy musician. But I keep at it anyway, because nothing puts a smile on my face like playing guitar. Get a Stratocaster or a Les Paul into my hands, hook me up to an amp (or a decent software simulation of one) and I’m a happy camper.


There are a lot of writers out there who are as crappy at writing as I am at music, but they keep at it. I often marvel at them, because I just can’t imagine how you could forge ahead calling yourself a writer when you can’t string a sentence together to save your life and all your plots come from hackneyed formulas you’ve applied badly.


But then, there are a lot of very famous writers like James Patterson whom the above paragraph describes pretty accurately. If they’d given up because they suck, they’d be a lot poorer and they’re fans would never have gotten to enjoy their stories.


So what makes a writer or a musician? I consider myself a writer and not a musician because I have talent in one but not the other even though I have passion for both. However, talent doesn’t make an artist famous, neither does passion, and neither do the two combined. I have passion for music, no talent, and I’m not famous. I have talent for writing, passion, too, still not famous. Fred Durst has no musical talent and clearly has no love for music or why else would he do what he does to it, yet he’s famous.


What’s the secret sauce? Anybody know?

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