Do Your Part

I think the hardest part of writing is the marketing. Anybody else agree?


I can get a book written, no problem. Of course, it takes some work and dedication. And proofing it and editing back through it take even more work and dedication. But I can get that done and get the book into readable condition. Maybe people won’t like my plot or characters, but I’ve rarely received complaints about the basic quality of my writing. So I’m good there. And I think up plot ideas all day long. So no worries there either. Finding time to write sucks, but it can be done.


That just leaves getting people to read my books. Usually a few friends and family can be coerced into it. It’s those total strangers that take some work.


Luckily, I’ve got a wonderful marketing team—my dedicated wife—who has helped me immensely with pushing my first self-published book out to the greater wild. The work she’s done there is astounding and I’m ridiculously grateful for it. It’s even motivated me to do more and stick on it. What more can I do? Any thoughts? Any writers out there with good tips on marketing?


All right, time for me to be a jerk and call you out. Have you marketed my book at all? 😉

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