I’m looking for a new sci-fi/fantasy book to read. Any suggestions? I’ve been alternating back and forth between Pathfinder Tales and Star Wars books lately, but could use something new.


Here’s some things about what I do and don’t like to read:


I’m not a fan of 1,000 page books unless they’re pumped up with large print like the final few Harry Potter novels. Anything longer than the first Dune book tends to put me off. I always feel like they should be broken into several books if you’ve got that much to say, and I also usually feel like the author doesn’t have that much to say but is saying it anyway.


I also tend to prefer adventure over world-building and character development when it comes to sci-fi/fantasy reads. See my earlier blog for what I mean by that. If the book’s just one long description of a fantasy world and the nuanced political struggles between the elves of the west, men of the east, and drow of the south, it’s probably not for me.


I don’t really care if the central character (assuming there is one) is male or female. For some reason I’ve never fallen into that stereotype of “boys only like books with boys as the heroes.” In fact, Wrinkle in Time, So You Want to Be a Wizard, and The Blue Sword are three sci-fi/fantasy books I loved as a much younger man that had female protagonists.


I’m not a fan of solving crime-based mysteries, generally. Avenging or protecting against crimes I’m OK with but not solving. If the main character is a detective and most of the story involves hunting for obscure crime scene evidence and then using leaps of logic to figure out whodunit, then it’s probably not for me. There are some exceptions to that rule like Do Electric Sheep Dream Electric Dreams and The Caves of Steel.


So, any suggestions? If you’ve read Catharsis or any of my other writing, do you think I’d like it based on my described tastes above?

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