There’s a Fly in my Shards of Glass

Found glass in my lunch today! Was eating at New India on 96th street here in Indy, hit a crunch as I chewed, spit it out, inspected, and boom: glass in the food. What up with that? Never eat there!


So how do I work this one out? Told the waitress I’d found something in my food. Held it up for her and she said, “Oh, a piece of glass. Sorry about that. Don’t worry about the bill.” Seriously? That’s it.


I complained to the Board of Health, etc., for whatever that’s worth. Not much else I can actually do in the real world.


But I am a writer. Someday, this is going in a book or story. You don’t survive eating glass and not write about it later. Wonder how it will work itself out in my imagination?


Odd as it sounds, I’m less angry and much more flabbergasted. Clearly a restaurant that doesn’t really care about there being glass in the food also wouldn’t really care if I sued their pants off. Doubt they have anything to sue for. And I imagine the same on other methods of reprisal. Clearly, they’re too apathetic to care what happens if they’re not excited to learn that they’ve been serving glass to patrons of the lunch buffet.


Doubt the character in this future story will seek vengeance, then. I didn’t. I mean, I did my due diligence to tell the board of health, etc., but that’s about protecting others, not getting back for my own discomfort.


Maybe that’s how it will someday work itself out. Probably won’t even be glass in the food. Just some situation where a character is wronged and instead of seeking vengeance against the uncaring person who wrong him, he seeks to protect others from similar wrongs…or maybe he’ll use karate to kick someone’s ass from here to clear over there!

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