Look out for that Waterfall Professor!

Sorry for not having very many posts last week. Believe it or not, I failed to keep up with blogging because—I was at a blogging conference! So that’s a pretty big fail on my part.

In other recent news, I’ve started writing on a new book. As with any time I start writing on a new book, I first cycled through the half-dozen new ideas that have cropped up in my mind since the last book. I ruled out the ideas that were unoriginal—“Hey, what if there were Shaolin monks with mind powers and laser swords who patrolled a galaxy far away protecting it from the machinations of their evil counterparts.” And I ruled out the ones that didn’t really want to go any further than the initial concept in my mind, “Hey, what if there were this desk worker, and he found a crashed spaceship on his way home from work, and he…called the cops, went home, and went about his life then died 40 years later of old age.”

That leaves me with a couple of ideas that I can work with. I’ll usually write out 20-60 pages of each until I find one that I just keep going with. The furthest I’ve ever gotten into a book before quitting was 120 pages.

Hopefully the idea I’m writing on now pans out. As I’m digging into it, though, I fear it’s getting closer to that second category of early rejects. I’m not sure there’s a whole story here. I mean–I’ve got a full set of plot points outlined in my mind. But, to paraphrase John Lennon, “Stories are what happen between the plot points.” We all know Sherlock and Moriarty are [spoiler alert] going over the falls [end spoiler alert]. It’s the little scenes in between climatic moments like that which make up a book (or movie, play, etc.). We’ll see if I can keep those flowing on this one.

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