An Isolation Chamber of One’s Own

Finding time to write is one of the biggest challenges for me. Like Virginia Wolfe, I can never seem to get a place to myself that just leaves me feeling completely cocooned and free to write to my heart’s content.


The best time I can find is early morning when no one’s awake yet. The world’s quiet and I can just give myself over to a whole different universe in my head. My characters can do all the talking and real life takes some quiet time.


What about you? Any writers reading this blog? How do you find the time and space to write?


Really, I have the same problem with reading. My wife has an amazing ability to read anywhere, any time. But I really require peace and quiet before I can get out of life and into my head. And then, when I have that time, I usually spend it writing.


Maybe I should invest in an isolation chamber. But then what if I go all Altered States…? And do they make them big enough to fit my MacBook, too?

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