Sometimes the Movie’s Better

So here’s a shocker, I don’t always think books are better than movies. There have been several movies I’ve preferred to their book versions. And several movies that have at least equaled their book versions.

Blade Runner is a better movie than Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? is a book. The book has a few subplots that aren’t needed and the plot twists border on farcical at times. Philip K. Dick was much more didactic with the philosophical questions the book raises—whereas the movie leaves the questions to subtly rise to the surface in the viewer’s mind.

Brandon Lee, Grame Revell, and Alex Proyas transformed James O’barr’s graphic novel, The Crow, drastically in interpreting it for the screen. But what they created was at least equal to the source material and full of just as much passion and intoxicating, dark wonder as the original.

So what do you think? You agree with the platitude that “the book’s always better”? I remember once hearing that said in a conversation about Fight Club. The reason that particular instance sticks with me is that it was during a class on Othello. FYI—Othello is a dramatization of a book! How’s that for “Oh, you’re not paying any attention at all”-ness?

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